Can God be Feminine and Motherly?

This article a friend posted on facebook today, sent my brain into a whirlwind of thoughts that I just HAD to put somewhere. I started to share my thoughts on facebook but then quickly realized what a mistake it would be to drag that drama into my life today. People really have a hard time with things like this but I don’t know why it has to be that way. So, the article is about a catholic priest that died for 48 minutes and came back to life. He experienced God as a being of light that was feminine and motherly.

So, of course the comment section is full of people getting upset and offended and calling the priest a liar or just crazy. Maybe he really is not fully mentally coherent. But still, the thought of God being motherly is an attractive thought to me. Why does it make everyone so upset that God can be motherly? The article title was misleading, I think. The priest didn’t exactly say, “God is a woman”. He said God was a “being of light” that felt feminine and motherly. Even though I had always referred to God as “He”, I do remember a discussion about how God is actually neither male nor female. God is just “God”. I had forgotten about this concept but it makes sense to me that God is genderless. If God made man and woman after “His” own image, then couldn’t God’s “image” be both male and female? God could be motherly and/or fatherly whenever God wants to. God is God, after all. God can do whatever God wants! 🙂

I find it very comforting to consider crossing over to the other side after death and being greeted with a motherly embrace from God. Why can’t people relax and remind themselves that they don’t know everything there is to know about God. Why can’t people consider the fact that God and the other side is so different and outside of our human comprehension that it’s near impossible to describe it with words. That priest did the best he could with the words he has. I am sad for the priest that people will shun him and pass him off as crazy. I almost feel slightly offended that God being “feminine” and “motherly” is so offensive to so many people! What’s so bad about that?! Geez.

desperate vent. i feel alone.

This is totally off-subject but I can’t think of a single person that has the time or is trustworthy enough to handle anything I need to say.

I feel alone, yet smothered by people needing things. I love my 3 boys but some days I am just not very good at this.

I watch my silent husband shuffle through the house to lay in a different place “to rest his eyes” and all that goes through my mind is:

I miss you.

You might as well not be here. It is the same thing.

I’m tired of being the strong one. When will someone be strong for me.

Letter to Kathy (the Bible Has Problems)

I’m reblogging this because it’s good and because I don’t want to lose it–I want to keep studying this. It is so much information that I can’t take it all in my adhd brain in one sitting. I am finding more and more people that are not afraid to let themselves analyze the correctness of the Bible–and in a respectful way. I’m not into tearing it apart. I just want to know the real truth behind it so I can believe in something. Why can’t today’s Christians question things at all? We’re not ‘questioning God’, we’re questioning the stuff that somebody wrote about God and then got interpreted by others who just might have gotten it wrong.

Finding Truth

Dear Kathy,

Since you graciously agreed (in our recent conversation) to let me present you with some examples of the Bible’s problems, I decided to do it in this way so it would have its own comment thread. As I’ve said, when I was a Christian, one strike against the Bible was not enough to shake my faith — maybe it only seemed problematic, maybe there was an explanation we hadn’t uncovered yet, maybe the historical accounts were wrong, etc. But as the problems began to mount up, I reached a point where I could no longer deny the fact that the Bible had actual errors.

A couple of suggestions before we begin. Try to be as open-minded about this as possible. As you go through these examples, ask yourself if God would allow such problems to exist in a message that he wanted all people to accept…

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What if no one would ever know your good deeds

What if no one in this life would ever know that you went to church? Would you still keep going?

What if no one in this life would ever know that you gave money or time to something? Would you still do it?cathedral-interior-1150136-m

How different would our actions be if we couldn’t brag about them?

Where is God? Not at church.

When I was a youngstill-a-hypocrite typical church-going Christian, I hated trying to discuss things like “where was God when…” or “How come all those Christians are so mean?” and all of those other hard-to-answer questions.
I was content to not give those questions much thought then but now I think about it a lot. The blanket answer for all of those questions was supposed to be something about how Satan is the reason for bad things and bad people, not God…or God “lets” us suffer for our own good, or some kind of similar shit.
The real answer is: Nobody Really Knows!
We all want to explain it away so that all of our other beliefs don’t get all messed up.

Well I’m back to thinking about all of that again. I know I’ll never know all the answers until I’m dead but my brain is not happy with that. It only takes a few small, insignificant events, mixed in with some bigger events to cause me to sink back into the I-hate-the-world-and-almost-everyone-in-it mode.

The stupidest, most insignificant event of them all makes me the angriest at this very moment. It shouldn’t. So now you’re going to hear about it. Aren’t you lucky?!

I guess it just drags up some old hurts. A neighbor and casual acquaintance several houses from me on my street (who just left on a missions trip to Brazil, because she’s so Christiany) recently got into an altercation with my closest neighbor and called me a bad parent because my “brats” ride their bikes on our cul-de-sac street (I guess). That’s the only reason I can think of that she would even be witness to. Or maybe it’s because she happened to drive by when the 4 yr old thought it was ok to pee in the yard? I don’t know. If she really knew me well, she would have much juicier things to blurt out since I’m a pretty open book but the point is…she just wanted to be critical or judgmental for whatever reason and she has continued to harass my neighbor/friend like a middle school bully (waving sarcastically and other childish things).

Yeah, I know there’s always some bad apples, but good luck finding any good apples these days. I know a few good ones. But not many at all. And I know a lot. The church that this woman goes to seems to harbor a whole lot of Christians that have been so blatantly evil to me I could punch them in the eye socket. There’s the Bible study group who didn’t want newcomers and so they refused to tell us where the next study was, then there’s the former co-worker/ex-friend who willingly admitted to me that she told lies to my boss to make me look bad on purpose. She had no remorse on her arrogant face when she said “I need to ask you for forgiveness because I’m teaching a bible study tomorrow on forgiveness”. There’s more, but you don’t want to hear all that…

I admit it, I’m still angry about these old events and I want to track these people down and yell at them and make them understand how deeply they hurt me. I think about them sitting in church on Sundays, grinning and glowing with pride as they sit there looking all Christian and feeling so proud of themselves. I’d love to burst their bubble. But it wouldn’t be fun unless I could do it Harper Valley PTA style. Look that old song up if you haven’t heard it.
It rules.
In fact, maybe I’ll write a song.
I could actually pull it off.
I know the music person and he likes me.
And he likes my singing.
All I’d have to do is ask if I could do a special song for The Lord one Sunday. Muaahaaahaahaaaa

Astrologers, Numerologists, Psychics, and the Bible Agree that April is a BIG month

There’s a blood moon next Tuesday (April 15), around 3am (EST).


…and because it’s fun to discuss, creep everybody out, and stir everybody up, there is a lot of things coming together if you keep up with prophesy and predictions:

A major cosmic event is taking place this month: The Cardinal Grand Cross. Astrologers are saying there is a “shitstorm” (I liked Maria DeSimone’s word for it) coming.

Some (possibly crazy people) think this is the beginning of the awakening. In other words, the world is about to fall apart in order to set itself straight.

Joseph Tittel, a psychic whose predictions are published in the NY Times because of their accuracy, talks about April as being a key month in the planet’s energetic shifts and in turn causes people to “go nuts” committing suicides and stuff. Natural disasters are also predicted for April. He said the “Ring of Fire” would experience lots of activity and the ring was indeed activated a week ago in Chile (8.2 earthquake).

Ring of Fire:


Then there’s the Bible prophesy (there’s already been lots of times where we could have thought a big event was going to happen according to Bible scriptures but it came and went. Still, it is interesting.)

Revelations 6:12…And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood

Luke 21:25…And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring

I don’t know how I feel about the Bible as a whole at this moment, but the prophecies can make a person squirm. It seems like it may have originated from a source who knew a little bit of something about future world events. The stage is pretty well set for it all to continue playing out:


What if the “return of Christ” is actually an “awakening”…the return of spirituality, TRUE spirituality where we think for ourselves instead of listening to today’s preachers.
Christ consciousness, as I have seen it written. I don’t know what the heck that actually means but I reckon I could deal with that.

OF COURSE, whatever happens this month will be vague and could be explained by a multitude of things and would never in a million years, BE a true miracle or sign that would make a questioner like myself actually find a truth. That would just be way too much to ask for. And whatever does NOT happen as predicted, everyone will back up and say “oh, it must be going to happen during the NEXT blood moon…in October.” So, there’s no use getting all excited about something big and interesting happening this month. It will all just be a passing headline here or there that could be considered a possible prediction coming true…sort of.

Origins of The Bible…if any

I thought a good place to start researching would be to find out the origins of the scriptures. Where did the stories come from? Who actually wrote them? I didn’t expect it to be SO difficult. I guess this would be yet another clue though.

I wanted to at least find the most accurate English translation. HA good luck with that, right?! Website after website argues nonstop about which translation is the best. Apparently, ALL of it is a big matter of opinion and everybody has one. It’s so frustrating!!

If there is a God and He wants us to know the truth…where the crap is it?? Why would He make it so freakin’ difficult to track it down?? Yet another reason to doubt Christianity’s “truth”. Having “faith” begins to just feel like stupidity when nothing can be explained logically!